Eden Spa and Laser serving Memphis, Germantown, Collierville & the Mid-South specializes in skin tightening treatments. Achieve youthful, tightened and toned skin. Only skin tightening, via wrinkle reduction, with eLōs technology can offer superior results with the highest levels of comfort and safety. The combined bi-polar radio frequency and light energies of eLōs technology precisely heat the dermal tissue within the target treatment area. This stimulates collagen production and produces a firming effect in lax skin. Fine wrinkles are reduced and the texture of your skin becomes smoother, more luminous and toned.

What is Skin Tightening?

The FDA-approved eLōs applicator offers virtually painless and fast treatment for skin tightening. Conventional skin tightening treatments are time-and treatment-intensive and often too painful. With the eLōs technology, you can have tight, firm skin without surgery.

The Technology

The eLōs procedure combines safe and effective levels of infrared light and bipolar radiofrequency energies to remodel the dermal layer of the skin by stimulating new collagen growth. Both laser and radiofrequency have been used separately for decades in medicine and surgery, but the ST exclusively combines infrared light and bipolar radio-frequency energy for ideal treatment outcomes with a very low risk of side effects and virtually no down-time.


Is Skin Tightening for me?

Using the Sublime™ program on elōs Plus, the professionals at Eden Spa & Laser can tighten skin that has lost its elasticity. With the combination of RF energy and light, the targeted area can be strategically heated beneath the surface of the skin, stimulating collagen production. Treatment can be especially beneficial for the neck and face, and it is effective on all skin types. Results can include firmer skin, wrinkle reduction, and a smoother complexion. Patients typically do not require any downtime after treatment, and results should begin to appear immediately. Four sessions are typically recommended, one month apart for best results.

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