BOTOX by Eden

In a world where people are increasingly more concerned with the health and vitality of their skin, it is no wonder that  many are turning to Botox for help.  However, like other beauty methods that include slightly invasive procedures or longer-lasting results, naysayers will criticize Botox, but it is not the radical method it is sometimes made out to be. As the Eden Spa blogger, I visited Shanna Concepcion, RN at Eden Spa and Laser, for her expert knowledge on the subject, and even sit down for a few pricks myself.

wrinkled blogger forehead, pre-Botox

Shanna explained that Botox has been used for over two decades as an important versatile medicine with 20 years of successful clinical experience.  It has been used to correct a variety of muscular problems, like spasms. Botox is a neurotoxin that is purified protein derived from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. All of that scientific stuff means this: being a purified bacterial protein, Botox is not the “weird chemical poison” many have made it sound like.  And with over two decades of tried and true clinical success, my sometimes cynical mind was put a bit more at ease.  I then nestled into a heated chair and expertly marked for my injections.

Shanna giving me my (nearly painless!) injections

Let me be straight with you on something: I am NOT a huge fan of needles.  With that being said, Shanna put on tranquil music and started.  Comparing the procedure to a “pinching sensation” is definitely a harsher simile that what Botox deserves.  After about two minutes, Shanna was finished and giving me post-procedure tips, like do not lie down or work out for 4 hours after Botox, and wear lots of SPF (but you should do that all of the time anyways!).  Botox lasts for at least three months, and at only $11 per unit (I had 20 units), I can definitely afford this safe and easy wrinkle prevention.  In fact, I looked normal (sans makeup), and headed straight back to work!  Visit for more details, and I promise to update you on my results (they fully kick in after about 2 weeks).

After, and back to work!